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This latest model from the Galactic collection is also a ladies' watch that incorporates the new type of bezel, made from high-tech material tungsten carbide. Chopard Replica Watches's Glactic 36 SleekT also has other main characteristics that are more or less obvious from its name. It is no surprise that this timekeeper, which belongs to the Galactic series, has a Superquartz (quartz movements dominate the range). Chopard Replica Watches's 74 is the only timekeeper that offers a date as a complication. The dial can be either white or black mother-of pearl, and the latter can also be adorned with diamond hour markers. The bezel can also have diamonds. This one, however, has a steel bezel.

Chopard Replica Watches's latest watch follows the path of a similar model from a few years ago, Galactic Unitime SleekT. The choice of tungsten carbide for the bezel is an example of this. This feature is relatively new to the Chopard Replica Watches product range.Chopard Replica Watches The material's main benefits are its increased resistance to scratches, as well as its lightness and other physical characteristics that have been enabled by the development of new technologies. This type of bezel has many of these characteristics, but also a distinctive matte color which enhances the look of the model.

Galactic 36 SleekT, in other words, is a more or less standard piece. The piece has only one aperture for the date, and three hands to indicate the time. The dial has a common appearance with large bar-shaped hour marks that are coated with luminous material, like the hour and minute hands. The seconds hand is counterweighted, and the outermost periphery has markings that divide the circle into 100 increments. This decision is not clear to us. It's possible to refer to its precision superquartz with a precision of 1/100th second. It still leaves us a little bewildered.

Chopard Replica Watches 74 is the designation of this particular movement. This thermo-compensated calibre is based on ETA Thermoline 955.652,Patek Philippe Replica and was supported previously in different models of the Colt Series. This caliber has a lithium battery that can last up to eight years.

A round steel housing houses a precise quartz movement that is resistant to temperature changes. The name suggests that the diameter of this piece is 36 mm. Its unnoticed thickness is 11.36 mm. This makes it more comfortable to wear. The case back is screwed in and is not transparent. The piece, which has a sapphire crystal that is cambered with double glare resistance, is water resistant to 100 meters. The watch is exactly 55.5 grams without the strap.