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Roger Dubuis Replica Watches

Roger Dubuis Replica Watches revealed information about a watch that will be unveiled next spring, even though Baselworld 2015 has still months to go. The Roger Dubuis Replica Watches Tradition Automatique Retrograde 7097 is beautiful to say the least. It features the collection's iconic off-centered dial, exposed movement components and retrograde seconds hand. The watch will be offered in pink and white gold housings, and is expected to go on sale shortly after the world's most important watch fair in Basel.

Roger Dubuis Replica Watches launched the Tradition Series in 2005, with the Model 7027. According to the manufacturer, the series was inspired by the famous Souscription watches. The founder of Roger Dubuis Replica Watches made these timekeepers during his exile in Switzerland during the Reign of Terror. The name of the timepiece is a French word for subscription,roger dubuis replica watches and comes from the fact the future owners had to pay a fee up front in order to obtain their model. The Sousciption watches had only one hand, and were much easier to service and repair than other Roger Dubuis Replica Watches timepieces. The new Tradition lineage was inspired by these watches but does not share their traits.

Roger Dubuis Replica Watches created a stunning model to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its collection. The offset dial is 18 K gold, which has been silvered. The dial has a hobnail section guilloched in the middle (which is repeated twice on the outer circumference) and steel Roger Dubuis Replica Watches hands that are blued. On its left side, the chapter ring with Roman numerals has been partially overlaid by a retrograde second scale that is located on a higher level. As is common for timekeepers in the Tradition series, the rest of the dial has been reserved for parts that are visible. The main-plate of the rhodium-plated watch has been embellished by a peening finish.

The barrel of the movement is located in the middle and partly under the dial that is off-centered. The balance wheel is located on the right-hand side of the lower part.Rolex Cellini Replica Watches It is visible, even when the watch is partially covered by the wearer’s sleeve. The opposite side has a large wheel that makes the watch look symmetrical. The dial has other components, but to improve efficiency the micro-rotor for winding the movement is located on the back side. The supported power reserve is, by the way 50 hours.

The watch uses the Caliber 505SR1 movement with 38 jewels. The 14 1/2 lignes movement is equipped with a straight-line lever escapement and pallets made from silicon. Roger Dubuis Replica Watches's overcoil balance spring is also made from the same material. The movement, which can be adjusted to six different positions, uses a feature designed by the founder. The para-chute system of shock protection was first introduced in the 18th century, and took its final form in the first years of the 20th century. Caliber 505SR1 is operated at a frequency of 3Hz.